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Group & Focused Coaching from Our Kitchen Therapy Community



Coaching & Community

I'm so excited to share that I am now offering Group and Focused Coaching Classes to my Kitchen Therapy members! Small-Group, Focused-Coaching can be powerful in changing behavior as you work towards optimal health. It is a place where you can show up, brainstorm, and be accountable for what you want.

What can I expect from Kitchen Therapy Group Coaching?

  • We meet once a month for 1 hour.

  • Everyone will sign a participant agreement to be accountable for doing the work and showing up. It is your commitment to the group and yourself.

  • I have started a private Facebook group for each small group you will be invited to it: This is private and just for us to share and a place you can find classes and essential information.

  • Once you have joined the Kitchen Therapy Community and committed to a small group, I will make appointments for each month, and you will get a calendar reminder. Of course, things happen, and you might need to miss; and when that happens, connect with me to catch up and watch the recording.

  • I will send out a focus coaching form before each class to fill out to help us stay on topic.

  • I will send out a follow-up after we meet with related handouts, links, and a copy of your summary of our group session, which will include New and Good, Top Concerns, and Inspired Actions.

  • I will send out a check-in between our sessions.

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

  • It gives a different perspective on food and nutrition

  • Brainstorming new ideas for movement and exercise for your body

  • Learn new ways to incorporate self-care and how to make it a priority

  • It keeps you motivated and holds you accountable.

  • Being a part of a like-minded community. Hearing others' successes or struggles connects you even more intensely on this journey.

  • Having someone with empathy who can listen and relate to your struggles

  • It gives you someone to answer your questions.

  • It can help with behavioral changes, goal setting, weight gain, hormone issues, food sensitivities or allergies, gut health, and more!

  • Finding more energy

  • Seeing other people's perspectives with a group collective of wisdom can open your ideas to new and creative ways to find a healthier you.

  • Being part of a group can add an element of fun to an otherwise overwhelming and daunting task of being healthy.

  • Being a part of a tribe has a higher success rate than going to the gym or cooking alone. Research has shown that people who do things as a group are less likely to procrastinate and quit. They reach their goals faster!

What Group Coaching classes are offered?

  • Focused Coaching for Hormone Health: Do you struggle with stress, blood sugar swings, thyroid issues, and sex hormone imbalance (PCOS, Endometriosis, Perimenopause, or Menopause)? Then this class would be perfect for you. We cover it all because it is all interrelated. When your hormones are balanced, health falls into place.

  • Focused Coaching: Living Light: A Healthy Guide to Optimal Health and Mindful Weight. This group is all about Body Love with Momentum to change what holds us back in our life. From any place you are coming from, you are striving to be healthier each and are stuck on how to do this. This group would be perfect for you. Optimal Health Program For Long-term Sustainable Change with a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle.

  • Focused Coaching for Cancer Care: I have designed this program to provide support and community while ensuring access to healthy and wholesome recipes and simple systems on your journey.

What other benefits do Kitchen Therapy Members Receive?

  • Quarterly Kitchen Inspiration Box

  • Monthly Group Coaching and Inspired Nutrition with Brandy

  • Four 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Brandy

  • Community Kitchen Therapy Inspired Nutrition Classes

  • Meal Mapping - Support for Planning Healthy Meals

  • Guides and Support for setting Healthy Intentions and Goals

  • Healthy One-Pan Recipe Books

  • Many Recipes Books

  • 12-Day Whole Foods Fresh Start Detox

  • Downloadable Modules - More Added All the Time!

How can I join a class?

  • KITCHEN THERAPY MEMBERS: If you have questions about the right Focused Coaching Class for you, please schedule a 15-minute 1-on-1 Discovery Session with me: 15 Minute Discovery Session

  • NON-MEMBERS: Become a part of the Kitchen Therapy Community and join some great classes and focused coaching with me. Join the Membership

Brandy Lane Hickman, NBHWC

2B Well Integrative Health Collaborative, Owner Inspired Nutrition, National Board Certified Health Coach, Kitchen Therapy

Board President, Missouri Nutrition Alliance Non-Profit


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