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Travel Clean: Eating Healthy on Vacation

Is eating clean on your vacation possible?

Vacations are often times when we decide to “splurge” on ourselves. I decided to redefine what a splurge is for me. It is NOT fast food or hangovers.  For me it means staying hydrated, eating clean, and getting eight hours of sleep.  A splurge is a local yoga class, hike, facial or massage.  It’s something that actually makes me feel good.

And feeling bad while I am on vacation is not something I choose to do anymore. I am high maintenance when it comes to what I eat and that is okay. I may get made fun of little from my family or friends I am traveling with but I am okay with that. It’s not a vacation if I feel bad. Vacations are opportunities to restore our body, mind and soul. I may not be in my own kitchen or eating “perfect” and that’s okay. But why not take a few extra steps to feel good physically and emotionally, especially on vacation!

How do get you get enough water?

  1. If you are traveling in the morning make sure and drink at least 16 ounces of water before you leave.

  2. Have a water bottle with you

  3. Take carbon filters for water

  4. Small Britas for suitcase

  5. Make sure you at least getting ½ your body weight in water.

It is easy to become dehydrated on a trip and not realize it until after you are not feeling well or have lost your energy.  Staying hydrated is the key to keeping your energy up during traveling days and while you are on vacation.

Food?  What do I eat? 

You eat unprocessed, whole foods. ‘Eating clean’ means eating real food.

Make sure to eat a nice size, well-balanced meal before you head out the door for your trip.  Make sure you eat protein, good quality carbohydrates and good fat.  An example might be avocado, eggs, spinach and tomatoes.

But what exactly does “Eating Clean” look like?

I am just flying back from a trip in both California and Colorado.  Here is how I have tried to “Travel Clean”. Before getting to the airport Friday morning I ate a nice balanced breakfast. I packed in my carry-on bag Dark Leafy greens with cucumbers and left over sustainable steak.  I also packed blueberries and raspberries and nut thin crackers. (Note: If you are flying international, you will not be allowed to bring fresh produce or animal products on your flight. So remember to be flexible, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best we can!)

At the airport, I filled up my water after I went through security.  I had a little snack and lunch on my 4-hour flight and drank plenty of water.  When we arrived my group was hungry and stopped off at a fast food burger place but I instead decided to go the restroom and then took a small walk at our new destination.

We also went to the grocery store the first day and I had my list ready to go.  Organic turkey, lemons, berries, yogurt more nut thins, eggs and broccolini, these were some essentials.  I also suggested we eat one dinner at our place which was very yummy and healthy.

We are currently flying back from our lovely trip to San Francisco and had a great time with wonderful people.  I chose to pack in my backpack some left overs in the refrigerator.  I chose organic turkey, blueberries, nut thins and broccoli. Before I left I drank plenty of water and drank it all day long.  Our travel day was from 8AM-10PM and I was not hungry or tired.  I had plenty to eat and chose some shrimp and greens at a restaurant we chose in the airport.  It was not perfect, but it was good.

What if you are traveling by car…

  1. Take a cooler (I generally like to keep a cooler in my car all the time)

  2. Dry ice, cooler bags or ice packs

  3. Try to go to the grocery store to stock up and not restaurants or convenient stores.

  4. Continue to drink water – ½ your body weight

  5. Get out and stretch and walk around. If you can find somewhere and the weather is suitable eat outside.

Enjoy you’re vacation the next time you travel.  It is not about worrying and stressing about the food you eat, rather it is about making simple changes so you feel good and have energy.  Be mindful and joyful during holidays and vacations.


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