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Meet Brandy


Hi. Welcome!


My name is Brandy Hickman, and I am a National Board-Certified Inspired Nutrition and Health Coach. I lead Kitchen Therapy sessions with authenticity and speak from the heart. I share my passions for mindfulness and spiritual connection in all aspects of life, from food to thoughts to relationships. I am a catalyst for change in the kitchen through simplicity, systems, and community.


Personally, I transformed a life-altering experience into my businesses designed to improve overall health in our culture one step and one person at a time. When it comes to nutrition and disease, the information can be overwhelming with implementing much-needed changes in our lives. A lifetime of stories, stress, and destructive habits, coupled with the ability to make behavioral changes, leads to continued health concerns.

I enjoy gathering in the kitchen with others. Within the kitchen is where so much change can occur. I feel like sometimes our kitchen is a reflection of how our life is working for us.  How we experience, life is reflected in how we show up in the kitchen. Trust me, and there are days I don't want to show up - in life and the kitchen. Instead of feeling guilty, be okay with those moments and learn from them. The best thing we can do for our health is the best observer of ourselves without judgment.

All in all, I help women discover if their plates are too full OR just filled with things that don’t nurture, bring joy, and inspire them. I challenge women to have a different mindset and think differently about doing less and having more in the kitchen.

A Little More About Me

I wanted to share here a little less about "my story," but rather my journey and who I am at my core. I know I am a soul having a human experience. Sometimes those experiences are memorable, and sometimes those experiences are harrowing. I genuinely believe that our struggles in life turn out to become are gifts to share.


One word that describes me is "passionate." My family would agree. I am overall an optimistic human. As a young child, I was often described as "wearing rose-colored glasses." I sometimes hid behind that positivity by pretending. I'd often stated untruths for the benefit of others. I'd say I'm OK when I meant to say I'm very sad.  


As I grew older and worked on healing the wounded parts, I became much better at wearing those rose-colored glasses in a healthy and light-filled way. I love teaching others how to see more light in their own lives and enjoy showing them how they can get the support that they need.  


My Spiritual Path 

I love God and Jesus. They walk with me every day. I am very Spiritual and love to deep dive into great conversations. These types of discussions fill my soul up. I have learned that when I don't trust something, there is pain that stems from my childhood. 


I am human, and I can experience extreme highs and lows.  I can use these points as a tool of self-reflection. I work towards being transparent. I am a constant observer, and I am typically aware of my surroundings. I have learned to use this awareness for good and as part of my teaching toolkit. 


What do I love? I love soulful conversations in groups of 1-2 people, especially all things spiritual. But I also love to find simplicity in life and enjoy figuring out how to take big things and make them less complicated. I do like a healthy debate when I feel safe.


I like planning out my time and helping others learn how to do that in their way. I love being quiet, praying, reflecting, and journaling. This work is so important to me, and I find it fulfilling and peaceful. These moments are my time with God and Jesus. I love small relaxation nooks where I can connect, read, and imagine!  There's nothing more rewarding than cultivating a space in my home where I can feel totally comfortable!

My Coping Strategies 

When I am in a funk, I need alone time. I tend to rebel against doing good for myself. I feel like we all feel that way sometimes. I tend to want to retreat when I need some time. I am human, and honor that. I tend to want to retreat when I need some time. I try to discern when I might be in a darker place and need some support. Rebellion is what shows up for me most when I am struggling.


I want to be a support and a light to others when they feel overwhelmed and need a kind influence to help them curb their rebellion. We can work through the stress surrounding our kitchens, cooking, other people, and mindsets.  I love to guide and show that the path to peace doesn't have to be hard-fought.  You can achieve more than you know.


I enjoy getting my "move on" wherever I wish I did more dancing. I love to dance in the kitchen just for fun. I have wanted to take adult dancing lessons for a while now. Well, I just wrote it down, so that is my next step: to do it. I still enjoy going to Jazzercise because I can pretend I am a dancer and the exercise is good for my body.


My favorite place to go has been the lake since I was a young girl. There is freedom there. My favorite part is the sparkles on the water when the sun hits it. I enjoy the calming elements of nature. Hiking, paddleboarding, and kayaking are some of my favorite outdoor activities. 

Healing in the Kitchen

I enjoy gathering in the kitchen with others. It can be so fun and rewarding. I love cooking! I didn't always feel happy and fulfilled while in my kitchen.


Sometimes our kitchen is a reflection of how our life is progressing and how we are experiencing life. Trust me, and there are days I don't want to show up - in life and the kitchen. Instead of feeling guilty, be okay with those moments and learn from them. The best thing we can do for our health is to be the best observer of ourselves.


I enjoy teaching others my journey, and I love to offer tips and tricks on how to get unstuck in the kitchen. You can make your time in the kitchen calming; just like me, you can learn to love the in-kitchen work you do.  


My family will often describe me as a "mad scientist when I am in the kitchen." I am not sure what that always means, but maybe they are taking note of my experimentation spirit! This lightness of being that I now feel while in the kitchen has not always been the case for me. I discovered this part of myself as I healed and learned not to stand frozen and overwhelmed in my kitchen. 

Take action, find movement, and cultivate peace!


I love to pull stuff out - maybe even a day or two before I make something. I enjoy planning out meals in a way that works for my family and me. Playing in the kitchen and not feeling alone is the way to freedom. I want you to become confident, happy, or even a "mad scientist "in the kitchen! I changed my mindset, and so can you.

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