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Upcoming Program:
Discover Positive Intelligence

"Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don't build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. And that's what the PQ® Program empowers you to do." -Positive Intelligence Program 

How often have you been caught in the mindset of " If I get everything checked off the to-do list, I will be productive and can do more!" This is not true. When we are so busy and our minds are working overtime, we find ourselves in a "fight-or-flight" state. When does the to-do list end? Do you work through every task and add more to your plate? 


As a Health Coach, my superpower is simplifying the overwhelm by developing systems that support lasting changes. I help people do that in their kitchens with food, meals, and time. But, the most challenging can be the thoughts and mindset around how to get healthy. 

I have found the perfect tool for supporting us on this journey: Positive Intelligence. I love Positive Intelligence because it is an operating system for our mental muscles. I value systems that make change simple yet are so incredibly powerful.

Free Workshop to be held Tuesday, May 16 12 pm if you want to learn more 
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Join Me For The Positive Intelligence 6-Week Program

Start Date: Tuesday, May 23-June 27
Program Duration: The program will run from Tuesday, May 23-Tuesday, June 27 
Learn More: Click here to read how this program helped me



The program includes the following:


  • Access to the PQ app, including weekly video training, daily guided support and practice, measurable progress, and the PQ book

  • A Weekly 1-hour virtual small group meeting led by me, Brandy Hickman.

  • We will meet for a seven-week virtual coaching session starting Tuesday, May 23, at 12 pm. 

  • Discover how your specific saboteurs generate stress: DISCOVER YOUR SABOTEURS

The goal is to grow your 3 core mental muscles to improve focus, freedom from stress, and a positive mindset, so you move through the day with ease and flow and a lot more joy. 

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