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Meet Your Kitchen Therapist

Do you want to feel at home in your kitchen again? Kitchen Therapy is a personalized plan that helps create clarity and structure in developing your total wellbeing with a focus on nutrition!

With your subscription, you'll get access to sessions with Brandy, meal mapping, resources, exclusive recipes, and more!

Ready to start your own Kitchen Therapy?

Kitchen Therapy


Kitchen Therapy: SALE!

Get access to recipes, one-on-one sessions, resources and modules, meal-mapping, and more for a special SALE price! 

$10 / month

How Focused Coaching Works

I'm so excited to share that I am now offering Group and Focused Coaching Classes to my Kitchen Therapy members! Small-Group, Focused-Coaching can be powerful in changing behavior as you work towards optimal health. It is a place where you can show up, brainstorm, and be accountable for what you want.


One-On-One Sessions

A great way to promote lasting changes is with one-on-one sessions! These sessions are Virtually or In Your Home. We will discuss your kitchen, your goals, and I'll share my delicious and simple recipes, and I'll explain my effective systems. I'll mentor you with grace and thoughtful guidance. 


Kitchen Therapy: In Home

"My In-home 3 and 6-month packages involve me coming into your home and kitchen to help promote and facilitate positive change. This package is great for people who'd like one-on-one advice and in-person support. You must reside within approximately 30 miles within the Springfield, MO area."


Kitchen Therapy: Virtual

"My virtual 3 and 6-month packages allow me to meet you wherever you are. This package is great for busy people who want to prioritize their health, or for those who need remote due to location. This program connects you to your kitchen and fosters a sense of fun!"

Even More Kitchen Therapy


Kitchen Therapy Parties

Host an amazing gathering. Invite your friends and family into your home and learn more about healthy planning, cooking, shopping, and eating, all while enjoying a sense of community! 


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