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  • Meal Mapping Kit

    Learn how to map out your meals
    • FREE Discovery Session
    • Pantry Staples
    • Refrigerator Staples
    • Freezer Staples
    • Map Out Your Meals Weekly Planner
    • 20 Go-To-Recipe-Book Specifically Made for you
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Kitchen Therapy Community +

How Does it Work?

  • Kitchen Therapy +

    Every month
    Your Catalyst for Change
    • Monthly 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching Sessions with Brandy
    • Community Kitchen Therapy Inspired Nutrition Classes
    • Meal Mapping - Support for Planning Healthy Meals
    • Guides and Support for setting Healthy Intentions and Goals
    • Healthy One-Pan Recipe Books
    • Downloadable Modules - More Added All the Time!

  • Schedule an initial Discovery Session with Brandy

  • Access your resources, meal kits, and more by logging in and clicking the "Member Access" button at the top of the site.

  • That Clean Life:  Learn and be empowered to plan your meals with support and access to a recipe program specific to dietary needs.  

  • Download your resources, peruse our recipes, and learn more!

  • Schedule and Attend Inspired Nutrition and Focused Coaching Classes free or at a discount and quarterly 1-on-1 Wellness Planning sessions.

  • You keep access to all of our resources, set your accountability sessions with Brandy, and receive your quarterly Kitchen Inspiration Recipes for as long as your subscription is active!



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Personal Wellness Plan

  • Wellness Plan

    Personalized Wellness Plan
    • Initial Lifestyle Assessment 
    • 30 Day Access to Kitchen Therapy Community
    • 3 Sessions

Health and Selfcare can be overwhelming with busy lifestyles and all the information we receive from our health providers. Receiving a diagnosis, lab results, and needing to make diet and lifestyle changes can put us into a fight, flight, or freeze mindset. Are you asking yourself questions like, "Where do I start?  What do I do with all this information? Where do I find the time?" As a Board-Certified Health Coach, I help you take overwhelming information and turn it into simple, doable steps.  Sometimes you need someone to sit alongside you to help listen, process, brainstorm, and organize all the information.

Discounts Available For Virtual Sessions!

Travel Rates Apply Over 30 Miles

4 Month

One-on-One Sessions

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My 4-month packages involve me individually meeting with you to help promote and facilitate positive change. This package is excellent for people who'd like one-on-one advice. See what's included in this program below. I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery session to see if this program would be a good fit. 

  • Preliminary Lifestyle Assessment and Wellness Plan

  • I meet with you every two weeks.  One 90-minute session and One 30-minute accountability check-in

  • A Health Notebook is given at the first session with educational handouts and the start of go-to-recipes that we add throughout the program.

  • Handouts, Resources, Protocols for specific issues, and other materials to support the individual.  

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Modules that will go in your Notebook. 

  • Access to the Kitchen Therapy Membership Site with many Health Modules and Resources available online while in the program and a significant discount after you finish. This includes Focused Coaching Classes offered through this Community Program. Learn more about the benefits of the membership and classes HERE.

  • Field Trip Classes

Individual Session

  • Individual Session - 1 hour

    Meet with Brandy for an in-depth session
    • One-on-one, in-kitchen connection session
    • In-person or virtual availability
    • 1-hour Session
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Meal Mapping Kit

  • Meal Mapping Kit

    Learn how to map out your meals
    • FREE Discovery Session
    • Pantry Staples
    • Refrigerator Staples
    • Freezer Staples
    • Map Out Your Meals Weekly Planner
    • 20 Go-To-Recipe-Book Specifically Made for you

FREE One-Pan Healthy Recipes

FREE Simple One-Pan Meals: With just a handful of ingredients and a pan, you can cook up a savory, health-inspiried meal!

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