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Cooking for Cancer Care

Community, Support, and Intuitive Care

I have been considering a cancer care program for some time. As a cancer survivor myself, I wanted to be able to provide the support that I know I needed during my cancer journey. After much thought, prayer, and soul-searching, I am honored to provide a new program, 'Cooking for Cancer Care." This program is designed to offer support and community while ensuring that you have access to healthy and wholesome recipes and simple systems to honor you on your cancer journey. 

For members of this program, you will have access to simple recipes, groups centered on care and community, mindfulness exercises, one-on-one sessions with me, classes, and self-care check-ins to ensure that your mental and physical health are both being honored. 

I am here to connect with you. Together let's be mindful, impactful, uplifted, and balanced.


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