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Cultivate wellness & clarity with inspiring health guidance.


Kitchen Therapy

Brandy Hickman is a National Board Certified Health Coach who offers uplifting, nutrition-oriented guidance. Through effective systems, simple yet powerful programs, and a sense of community, Kitchen Therapy is the catalyst for positive change in your kitchen!

Brandy offers Kitchen Therapy Memberships and One-On-One Programs.  You'll receive inspired coaching, helpful health resources, downloadable recipe books, and much more! 

Start with a FREE discovery session!

Brandy is your partner for total health empowerment. She's ready to help you meet your goals. Kitchen Therapy  is your catalyst for change in the kitchen through simplicity, systems, and community.

Ready to see if Kitchen Therapy is for you? Schedule your discovery session today!

What We Offer


Your Partner in Health

Discover individualized health & nutrition coaching options tailor-made to fit your lifestyle!  


Achievable Goals

Brandy has found solutions to the most persistent kitchen questions. You'll learn how you can better store ingredients, make simple and delicious meals, and cultivate a stress-free kitchen environment


Nourishing Guidance

Brandy's convenient systems and personalized plans teach you natural, holistic, & organic ways to better enjoy your kitchen, improve your health, and cultivate happiness. 

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Wellness Resources

Making lifestyle and kitchen changes can seem impossible, but not if you have access to a support system. You'll receive recipes, health modules, classes, and goal-oriented systems to make healthier changes. These resources will show you how!


Mapping Out Your Meals 

Tired of not knowing what to cook? Unsure of the cleanest, healthiest ingredients to use? Brandy's easy-to-sustain systems help you map your meals. 


Supportive Community 

You aren't alone! Join empowering and encouraging groups and gain support and friendship as you journey

toward health. 

Join Kitchen Therapy Community and Find Community & Classes

​Find Your Community
As a Kitchen Therapy Member, you become part of a community and many of my ongoing workshops and classes. There are so many benefits to these ongoing classes- stay motivated, brainstorm and chat with others, and reach your goals faster!
Connect with me through a Discovery Session.

Kitchen Therapy members are also eligible to attend  Community Cooking Classes, Field Trips, and Webinars throughout the yea

Please note some workshops and classes are complimentary as part of your membership, and others will be discounted for members.

Kitchen Therapy is happy to serve clients in Southwest Missouri and beyond. We have been featured by some incredible organizations.  We are also honored to partner with amazing organizations.  Learn more about our promoters and partners.  

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Our Programs & Services

FREE Discovery Session

A 30-minute free virtual discovery session to determine your specific needs. 

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Kitchen Therapy Community 

Cook up some in-kitchen magic! Get everything you need to support you as you build a healthy kitchen. You'll receive one-on-one kitchen therapy sessions, free recipe books, access groups to bolster accountability and easy-to-follow modules that you can view anytime. You'll also get free Seasonal Recipe Books Delivered at the beginning of each season.  

One-On-One Sessions

A great way to promote lasting changes is with one-on-one sessions that can be done in your home or virtually. We will discuss your kitchen, your goals, and I'll share my delicious simple recipes, systems and thoughtful guidance 


Kitchen Therapy Parties 

Host an amazing gathering. Invite your friends and family into your home and learn more about healthy planning, cooking, shopping, and eating, all while enjoying a sense of community! 

Meal Mapping Kits

A fresh easy way to kickstart your health anytime, anywhere.

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FREE Downloadable Recipe Books!

Quick, easy, healthy recipes for you and your family. 

Live Light and Let Kitchen Therapy 
Guide Your Wellness Journey

We are your partner in total health empowerment. Let's partner together to meet your goals!


We are a catalyst for change in the kitchen through simplicity, systems, and community 






  • Functional Kitchen Plans

  • Pantry Make-Overs

  • Go-To Snacks

  • Health Coaching

  • Recovery Resources

  • Wellness & Healing Tips

  • Meeting your Health Goals 

  • Creating Freedom and empowerment with having systems 

  • Community Groups

  • Safe & Nourishing Spaces

  • Partners in Your Health Journey


Meet Your Coach, Brandy Hickman

National Board-Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC)


"I'm a National Board-Certified Health Coach, and when I lead Kitchen Therapy sessions, I speak directly from the heart and through Inspired Nutrition. I am a catalyst for change in the kitchen through simplicity, systems, and community. I share my passion for mindfulness and spiritual connection in all that I do, and my goal is to help you find health and happiness in everything you do, from your relationships to thoughts, to food preparation. Nutrition and health are important to me. I transformed a life-altering experience into a business designed to improve health in our culture one step and one person at a time. Let's chat- I'd love to help you illuminate your path to health and happiness!"

What Clients are Saying:

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Brandy's coaching has been very helpful for me - actually, it has been life-changing! She has opened my eyes to new ways of organizing myself in the kitchen so that I can be successful with my food plan. Not only am I learning to have a better relationship with food, but I am changing other things about myself as we talk through past experiences and what might have led to particular behaviors. I highly recommend her as your health coach and mentor!


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