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Spirulina Shot

This is an amazing alkaline drink packed full of nutrients including protein, vitamin B, and plant-based source of iron. It is a great source of energy. I love to drink this in the afternoon for an amazing lift in energy without any jitters. It is also full of minerals and antioxidants.


  • Increased energy

  • Immune benefits

  • Reduction in bad cholesterol levels

  • Decrease in inflammation

  • Reduction in liver fat.

Serves: 1, Prep Time: 2 minutes, Total Time: 5 minutes.


  • 4-6 oz. Water

  • 1 Orange (juiced)

  • 2 tsps. Spirulina

  • 2 drops Stevia (optional)


  1. Combine water, orange juice, and spirulina. Add stevia drops if needed.


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