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Is Your Plate Too Full? – Finding Space

Busy woman

A “Dizzying Pace” Is A Time Trap Many Women Face That Keeps Their Plates Far Too Full!

What is a “Dizzying Pace”?

A “Dizzying Pace” is when you find yourself buzzing around like a hummingbird high on sugar. You seem to be going in a hundred different directions. This may be beneficial for a humming bird, but it is far less beneficial for you. If you are ‘high’ on sugar and rushing rapidly for long periods of time, you will use up all your energy without doing what is your true priority.

A manic speed can push you beyond your body’s natural capacity and will leave you exhausted by the end of the day. You will feel depleted, and you may feel there is no energy left over to help replenish yourself.

How does being too busy happen in our lives?

When we have difficulty in our lives or trauma we have not healed from, we will sometimes force ourselves to stay busy to avoid facing pain. This is because we have not truly let go of what is hurting us. We are just hiding so we don’t have to feel. Inevitably, our issues will resurface.

Another way that a “dizzying pace” can be seen is in doing mindless activities.  You might think that doing passive activities like being on your phone is helping keep you from going too fast, but how are you really spending you your time and your day? Are you wasting a lot of your day with mindless activities and procrastinating other things? This can lead you to feeling as though you are rushing to get things accomplished. It is important to analyze how you’re spending your day. If you’re wasting a large number of your hours on mindless tasks, you might become overwhelmed when trying to get other things done.

In our culture we buy into the mindset that more is better. We think, If I just get everything checked off the to-do list, then I am being productive and can do more! This is not true. When we are so busy and our minds are working overtime, we find ourselves in a sort of “fight-or-flight” state.  When does the to-do list end? If you try to work though every task and then add more on your plate, you will find that you are not enjoying the sweetness in life. This can set you up for many chronic/health issues. You may find yourself craving a candy bar in the afternoon because you are not embracing the sweetness in life.

Ask yourself this question: What I have I done throughout the day that allows me to be in that place of creativity, joy, and wonder?  Let’s be honest. Sometimes you will find yourself uninspired, overwhelmed, and unproductive.

Q: “What do I need when I am in a ‘Dizzying Pace’?”

A: “You need space.  Not more hours in the day.”

What is the outcome of finding space and becoming more restored throughout the day?

You will find yourself becoming more open and more creative, being able to go throughout the day with ease and grace.  Your focus will become clearer because you don’t have as much going on in your head. You will find that you will lead more from your core and will find that decisions can be made easily and from the heart. Funny enough, you will get more done by finding space, but also become more flexible when something does not get done.  You will begin to allow situations instead of forcing them. You will learn to sustain your energy, and this will help you to feel healthy throughout the day.

When we don’t take the time to restore through the day we gravitate towards mindless passive leisure activities that don’t register as restorative. These activities include TV, Electronics, and highly intensive exercise.

Q: “Where do I start with finding space?”

A: “Break your quest down into consumable steps.”

Step 1: How are you really spending your day?  Be honest with yourself. Tracking your time with a timesheet can help you to break your day down. I recommend that you utilize the “Off the Clock” timesheet and track your time for 2 weeks.

Step 2: Breathing, Meditation, and Restorative Yoga can help you to calm yourself and find space. These simple forms of exercise help you to slow down, relax, and increase your metabolism. – Adapted From “The Slow Down Diet” by Marc David

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our feelings of “fight-or-flight” and is at play in the “Dizzying Pace”. This system is an important biological tool, but it should not be “turned on” at all times. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. I happen to believe that food is an amazing way to learn to slow down and utilize the parasympathetic nervous system, or the “relaxation area” of our nervous system.

How much time do you take for breakfast?  Do you even eat breakfast?  If you are eating breakfast (which you should be from a nutritional perspective), try to bump up your eating time by 5 minutes for a week. Finding space can begin with just a few minutes. Try an experiment and give yourself extra time during lunch and dinner every day for a week. Start with choosing one meal a day without using electronics or engaging in any work. Graduate from high speed eating and elevate your body to parasympathetic dominant during meals. Fast food is out – slow food is in.

Step 3:

Utilize “Vitamin O”! I want you to try to utilize Oxygen while you are eating. Check in and breath before, during and after meal times. This will help you to create a positive time and space that is all to yourself. It will be free of electronics, work, and responsibility. This time, no matter how brief, should be all yours. You should log it and guard it fiercely.


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