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Soups & Freezing

Having the option to freeze our foods allows us to have more freedom in our kitchens by simplifying cooking time for our meals. Having many recipes and limited time can be overwhelming!

Our busyness can keep us stuck and without some structure we end up stressed, grabbing for convenience (which is just picking something up or maybe not eating at all). Utilizing freezing gives us a quick and healthy meal option for future days on the go!

With that in mind, always try to have a Back-up Plan – a back-up plan that does not include going out. Something you can make easy when things get chaotic. Freezing meals, making homemade soups, or eating leftovers are all great choices!

One of the easiest ‘go-to’ meals is a hearty soup. Not only is making it simple (throw all those ingredients in the crockpot!) but the meal stays especially well in the freezer for those busy days. I like using jars to store all my food, reducing the waste of plastic bags and it’s easier to see what’s inside. Jars also have a tight-fitting lid to keep food extra fresh. You can freeze meals in glass with just a few precautions to prevent jars from breaking.


Freezing Soups in Mason Jars:

1. Cool Your Broth – A great place to start is to always cool your soup before putting into your jars, then completely cool the jars of soup in the fridge before freezing.

2. Leave 1-2 inches at the top – So fill to the shoulder of jar. Always use wide mouth jars so you have a shoulder.

3. Cap Loosely – They tend to break more often when they are capped tightly. Once frozen you can tighten the lids more. If you don’t remember it is not a big deal.

4. Use a box that the jars come in to put your jars in for the freezer because you want to leave space between the jars. Sometimes they break when they are touching in the freezer. You can also put them in clean socks so they don’t touch.


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