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Cooking For Cancer Care

Have you been diagnosed with Cancer? Whether your diagnosis is past or present, eating for optimal health and getting support is essential. How do you put healthy eating into action caring for your body?

You deserve to feel empowered and supported on this journey.

Do you want to feel less overwhelmed in your kitchen and life? Kitchen Therapy "Cooking for Cancer Care" helps create clarity and structure in developing your total well-being, focusing on nutrition!

"I am a catalyst for change in the kitchen through simplicity, systems, and community."

What better way to take back control than with your kitchen?

If you've just recently discovered me and my programs, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Brandy Hickman, and I am a National Board-Certified Inspired Nutrition and Health Coach. I lead Kitchen Therapy sessions with authenticity and speak from the heart. I share my passions for mindfulness and spiritual connection in all aspects of life, from food to thoughts to relationships. I am a catalyst for change in the kitchen through simplicity, systems, and community.

I transformed a life-altering colon cancer experience into my businesses designed to improve overall health in our culture one step and one person at a time. When it comes to nutrition and disease, the information can be overwhelming with implementing much-needed changes in our lives. A lifetime of stories, stress, and destructive habits, coupled with the ability to make behavioral changes, leads to continued health concerns.

I am now offering Kitchen Therapy: Cooking for Cancer Care. My Kitchen Therapy Membership now includes "Cooking for Cancer Care" for those needing support in the kitchen.

Once a month, "Small Group Kitchen Therapy Coaching" with others who share similar experiences.

I have day and evening groups on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month.

Get the support you need, when you need it.

If you're interested in my "Cooking for Cancer Care" program, let me explain some of the benefits you'll receive if you join:

  • Health resources

  • 1-on-1 full assessment of your needs

  • specific recipes and mapping out your meals

  • All the resources offered on the Kitchen Therapy Membership including accountability, health modules, and recipe books

  • Access to supportive and safe groups catered to your needs


I also offer 1-on-1 support for individuals in their kitchen remotely or in person for those needing individualized help. Anyone working with me 1-on-1 gets the membership included in their package while working with me. First, get in touch with me, and we can discover what your needs are right now.

"Cooking for Cancer Care" is near my heart, and I have wanted to do it for a while. The timing is right.

I would be honored to connect with you. Feel free to share this blog with anyone who might need support.

Brandy Lane Hickman, NBHWC

2B Well Integrative Health Collaborative, Owner Inspired Nutrition, National Board Certified Health Coach, Kitchen Therapy

Board President, Missouri Nutrition Alliance Non-Profit


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