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Healthy Alternatives – Gluten Replacements

Part of my work is guiding clients with new ways to nourish their bodies. Often I see clients who need to go on an elimination diet, and I even offer a 12 Day All Natural Detox online. Sometimes healthcare providers prescribe these elimination diets or clients decide to try an elimination diet on their own to figure out if foods are one culprit as to why they are feeling bad and/or gaining weight. Gluten is a group of proteins found in many grains and it is one of the most common inflammatory foods that is typically removed in an elimination diet (usually along with dairy & sugar). If you are considering an elimination diet or have already determined that gluten is an inflammatory food for your body, here are some common gluten replacements.

  1. Pasta → rice, buckwheat, millet or corn noodles

  2. Wheat bran → gluten-free oat bran

  3. Semolina → polenta

  4. Cereal → corn flakes

  5. Bulgur → rice

  6. Couscous → quinoa

  7. Bread → gluten-free bread

  8. Granola → gluten-free granola mix


“Refined white flour has very few natural vitamins and minerals. The good-for-you qualities of the whole grain have been stripped away. Even enriched white flour doesn’t contain all the healthy components of whole-grain flours, and it’s absorbed by the body as a starch, which means that its energy is used up quickly, rather than slowly and effectively.”

Alternatives to refined white flour:

  1. arrowroot flour

  2. amaranth flour

  3. buckwheat flour

  4. quinoa flour

  5. tapioca flour

  6. almond flour

  7. banana flour

  8. chickpea flour

  9. coconut flour

  10. hemp flour

Tips for gluten-free cooking

Gluten-free flours can be used for baking, but keep in mind the following:

  1. Increase the amount of liquids you use

  2. Leave the dough to rest (it will thicken)

  3. Immediately process pasta or cookie dough to prevent it from drying out

Brandy Hickman, NBHWC

Brandy Hickman, Inspired Nutrition and Health Coach, leads sessions with authenticity and speaks from the heart. She shares her passions for mindfulness and spiritual connection in all aspects of life, from our food to our thoughts to our relationships.

Brandy helps women discover if their plates are too full OR just filled with things that don’t nurture, bring joy, and inspire them. She challenges women to have a different mindset and think differently about doing less and having more.


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