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Top 3 Foods to Detox

Top 3 Foods to Detox

Top 3 Foods to Detox

Hello there! Below you will find a list of the Top 3 Foods to Detox when trying to eliminate inflammation in your body. I wanted to share a quick guide to help you know what you are detoxing and how each one affects your body. When you make the choice to live a healthier lifestyle, it can be overwhelming. These Top 3 Foods that cause inflammation may need to be eliminated or reduced from your diet. 

The Top 3 Foods to Detox  

  1. Sugar/Sugar Substitutes –  Sugar has become an overwhelming temptation that we feel powerless to resist. Sugar is probably one of the most inflammatory foods we eat because it is in so many foods and it is very addictive.  We should only be eating 24 grams of sugar for women and 32 grams for men (6 tsp. and 8 tsp.)  What sugar are you detoxing?  Are you detoxing natural sugar, added sugar, sugar substitutes or all of them?  Try and be diligent in knowing what you need to eliminate and how much you should have.  Here is a post with TONS of great information about Sugar Addiction.

  2. Gluten –  Why has gluten become such a controversial and now marketed topic in the nutrition world? Gluten is the protein found in some grains.  Specifically, the food containing gluten that consumers eat the most of is wheat. Wheat is in almost everything.  Take a scroll down the bread, snack and cereal isles.  Wow!!!  We are consuming too much in the American Diet.  Our bodies become sensitive to foods for different reasons but a big reason is that we consume too much.  The reason wheat or gluten can be unhealthy: appetite stimulation, increased blood sugar, brain fog, intestine issues and many other host complex diseases. Wheat is also a huge financial success. It takes very little cost to turn raw material into consumer products that we continually buy in bulk.  Wheat is not the same as it once was.  They have been hybridized and crossbred to make them more sustainable.  Basically, wheat has had countless transformations and our bodies perhaps can’t keep up. Check out this Informational PDF about Grains. 

  3. Dairy – Dairy always sparks a lot of controversy. Some say that pasteurized, low-fat dairy is healthy and should be consumed two to three times daily.  Dairy is cherished by some health organizations as an essential food for bone health and source of calcium. Remembering that dairy is not the only source of bone health and calcium is very important. Others claim that not all dairy products are the same and that it greatly depends on how the cows were raised and how the dairy was processed. Around 75% of Americans are somewhat lactose intolerant. As in with most nutrition, it really does depend on the individual. Overall the quality and ability to digest milk are two main causes of inflammation in people who consume milk.  Below is an overview of some factors to consider when deciding if dairy is right for you.   Here is a great guide to help you decide if dairy is causing inflammation. Dairy – You Decide PDF

Lastly, I hope you found this information helpful. If you would like to learn more about detoxing in a healthy way please visit this post for details on what a detox can do for your body, mind and soul. I will continue to highlight each of the listed foods over the next several weeks and share more about the importance each one has. Stay tuned!

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