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What Causes Leaky Gut?

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What Causes Leaky Gut?

Recently, I shared a blog “What is Leaky Gut” make sure to read it too! Here is an outline of what the main causes of leaky gut. 

You may have been diagnosed with Leaky Gut or a Digestive disease such as:

  1. Crohn’s

  2. IBS

  3. Liver Disease

  4. Gallstones

  5. Esophagitis

  6. Celiac Disease

  7. Fibromyalgia

  8. Other Autoimmune Diseases

Or, you may be having symptoms such as:

  1. Heartburn

  2. Digestive upset

  3. Constipation,

  4. Diarrhea

  5. Gas, pain or bloat

  6. Headaches,

  7. Skin issues

  8. Weight gain

  9. Fatigue

These are the main causes of Leaky Gut

Poor diet

The food that can cause leaky gut are the proteins found in un-sprouted grains and GMO’s. The problem with these foods can be consuming too much of lectins and phytates. Some foods that are a problem are wheat, rice and spelt. Another dietary problem can be Casein found in conventional cow’s milk which can destroy enzymes making sure like lactose hard to digest. Also, Sugar can do major damage to your digestive system by feeding yeast, candida and bad bacteria.

Chronic Stress

If we are in fight or flight consistently, scientifically our bodies slow down our digestive system and our bodies have a harder time getting nutrients in and getting rid of toxins. It will weaken our immune system and we cannot fight off bad bacteria and viruses, leading to inflammation and leaky gut. Therefore, reducing our stress in this chaotic world is so important.


We are in contact with so many chemicals and toxins all the time in our environment but the ones to be most concerned with regarding our gut is antibiotics, pesticides, tap water, aspirin and NSAIDS. Too much of any of these can cause toxins to build up and cause inflammation and leaky gut.

Bacterial imbalance

A leading cause of leaky gut is an imbalance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. For many this imbalance happens at birth. Other causes can be the overuse of prescription antibiotic drugs, tap water with chlorine and fluoride. The lack of probiotic rich foods is a huge contributor to this imbalance.

In all I d

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