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What is Leaky Gut?

What is Leaky Gut?

The lining in your digestive system is like a strainer that only allow certain substances to go through and not allowing bigger substances to go through that could damage your system. A basic function of the gut is to absorb nutrients. It allows small molecules to come in. When the small intestine is damaged and the lining breaks apart, particles like gluten, bacteria, food, and more enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation. Your immune system treats these particles as foreign objects and attacks them. This leads to the inability to absorb nutrients. Leaky gut leads to nutrient deficiency. It progresses to food intolerance. Then it creates issues with the immune system, failure of organs, and autoimmunity. 

When someone speaks of Leaky Gut they are also referring to intestinal permeability. The strainer gets damaged and no longer works like it should. Now, some of things that can pass through a damaged digestive lining are Gluten, bad bacteria, undigested foods, and toxins.

What would make you think you have Leaky Gut? A leaky gut will lead to inflammation throughout your system and can cause many symptoms;

  1. Food sensitivities

  2. IBS

  3. IBD

  4. Heartburn

  5. Thyroid disease

  6. Skin issues

  7. Weight gain

This is a big list. Think about symptoms you might be experiencing and do you think that maybe they might be related to Leaky Gut. Stay tuned for more about how to manage and begin to heal your gut.

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