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Are You Moving Forward or Getting Ahead?

Moving Forward, Reasons to Love Life.

Moving Forward

I am a Nutritional and Life Coach, and a large part of my work is guiding people on Moving Forward, whether it is with food, health, transformation or life.

What does Moving Forward mean to me?

It does not mean doing something quick and hurried.  It does not mean getting a bunch of things checked off my list or setting a lot of goals and trying hard to accomplish them, or feeling worried or guilty for not accomplishing them.  This is all about Getting Ahead. Goals and lists are great when they are authentic and realistic.

Moving Forward happens within us, not externally. It is a knowing that you are on your highest and easiest path.

Moving Forward is not about having something perfect before we take a step ahead. Peace begins when expectations ends. Moving Forward is always a process, and not perfection.  Moving Forward is real and inspirational.

Although I may have been influenced by our culture’s false definition of “Getting Ahead,” my core has always turned inward with a knowing.  I am always searching, learning, growing and continually moving forward.  This is who I am.  I love this part of me.  I may have driven a few people crazy while I was growing up.  This does not mean I did not make some big mistakes along the way, and thought I needed to get ahead or do things out of lack of self-awareness and esteem.  I made a lot of mistakes.

Life lessons are part of Moving Forward. I continue to choose and learn.

For me, there is not an end to Moving Forward. I am not going to wake up one morning and cross Moving Forward off my list. I started a business, 2B Well, which is all about guiding people to move forward in a safe and supportive environment.  I went back to school to become certified in holistic nutrition counseling. I also became a registered yoga teacher, and continue to build upon my years of yoga training and certifications. This work brings me immense joy and happiness. This is Moving Forward.

My most recent experience in Moving Forward was attending a conference, “Celebrate Your Life Scottsdale 2016.” Before the conference started, I learned that my friend who was supposed to meet me at the conference had just received word that her husband had tragically and unexpectedly died.  She missed her flight that morning, and was home when the news was communicated to her. I was incredibly sad and shocked, but I made a choice in that moment. I needed to be in light and love for her, and being present at the conference was the way I could do this.

Another way of Moving Forward is to be in light, even though sadness and despair are around you.

This was my biggest lesson at this conference.

The conference that I attended was a beautiful experience, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to be present with some of my favorite authors like:

  1. Don Miguel Ruiz – author of “The Four Agreements”

  2. Caroline Myss – author of “Sacred Contracts”

  3. Marianne Williamson – author of “A Return to Love”

I also attended workshops and discovered wonderful new spiritual leaders. I was present for all.

I learned to name my ego a “barking dog.”

I experienced unconditional love with a stranger.  I remembered and understood our similarities instead of our differences. We ended the conference with a World Synchronized Meditation with millions of people, “Lifting the US Election.”  This meditation was organized and led by James Twyman with World Peace Pulse.  Wow, what an experience.

I love to grow, learn, experience life, and ultimately continue to Move Forward.  Getting Ahead is not our highest and easiest path.  It is our ego.

Are you Moving Forward or Getting Ahead?

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Brandy Hickman is the owner of 2B Well, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Counselor, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

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