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I Love My Local Farmers: Amazing Food, Good Cause

Hello! This week has been a fantastic week of community. I gathered with 2 of the other founding members of the Missouri Nutrition Alliance Nutrition Non-Profit at my house, starting conversations with some of our community about our mission. The brainchild of this mission, Jessica Idleman, was visiting, and we wanted to start making meaningful connections on how to get more food education out into the communities. During our gathering this week, we heard that the bill we had been working on for three years was officially signed into law by Governor Parsons on Tuesday. More people in the state of Missouri will have access to nutrition, food education, and health. This change in our law is exciting news. If you are interested, please check out our website to discover a little more about us at Missouri Nutrition Alliance.

How lucky am I to live in Missouri and have access in my city of Springfield, Missouri, to excellent local food. As we connected at my house on Tuesday, we made a simple dinner consisting of chicken and tons of vegetables. My friend and colleague shared her recipe for a Parsley-Mint Sauce. It is my new favorite summer condiment. As we are making dinner, my CSA (Community-Support Agriculture) from Urban Roots Farm was delivered to my home with some great vegetables and mint that we used for that sauce. That is farm to table.

When you choose a local CSA like Urban Roots Farm, you buy a share of that local farm's harvest for the year. You are supporting two important causes: your health and budgeting and your local farm. Plus, you get really good food.

This week alone, I received in my share from Urban Roots Farm:

· Head Lettuce

· Green beans

· Squash

· Zucchini

· Cucumbers

· Hakurei Turnips

· Collards

· Kale

· Carrots

· Fennel

· Mint

· Green Mix

· Eggs

· Mushrooms

I even receive a fantastic newsletter from my farmers each week. In return, I have a deep connection to where the food comes from that ends up on my family's table. This relationship is my definition of community, and I love it.

I just read on their Instagram that they have a wide variety of goodness currently in their Farmstand. Check them out on Instagram @urbanrootsfarm.

Each week I am highlighting veggies on my site. This week I am discussing Glorious Greens and making some great Mason Jar Salads. Check it out: Kitchen Conversations

In Continuous Health, Healing and Gratitude,

Brandy Lane Hickman, NBHWC

2B Well Integrative Health Collaborative, Owner

Inspired Nutrition, National Board Certified Health Coach, Kitchen Therapy

Board President, Missouri Nutrition Alliance Non-Profit

(417)861-6682 |


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