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Nourished Living Through The Holidays

Nourished Living Through the Holidays is So Much More Than Just Nutrition.

Nutrition Springfield MO

Every fall there comes a point around Halloween that our calendars start to fill up slowly.  It is an amazing time of the year when the air is crisp and the leaves are changing. As we near Thanksgiving those calendars begin to fill even faster.  Add the holiday marketing explosion to the equation – now we can shop on Thanksgiving Day for Christmas!  The beginning of December marks holiday decorating, baking, shopping, and parties.  Do you get exhausted just thinking about it?

Holidays can be such a wonderful time of the year for connecting with friends and family. They can also be extremely stressful. We become more physically and emotionally drained during the holidays. There are never enough hours in the day to plan, shop, work, cook, and attend parties. What are your expectations during this time of year? Are you out of balance because of the stress you are under and the food you are consuming? And we can’t forget about sleep – are you rested? What about being mindful during this joyful time of the year?

Holiday stress and food and alcohol consumption have become a health epidemic. Establish a foundation that will allow you to make educated choices on how to best treat your body during the holidays.  Learn to filter through the holiday chaos.  This is not about perfection but a lifestyle and a process.  Educate yourself about nutrition and more and leave with the strength to do what is right for you and your body.  Find the courage to move through those times that are setbacks for you.  Knowledge is power, and as long as you set your intentions, have a strong foundation, and claim ownership in your health and wellness, you will be on an amazing path.

Through Nourished Living workshops, you can learn to close the gap between the energy you have now and the vitality you deserve for the rest of your life.  Feel amazing each day of the holiday season.

Nourished Living isn’t about just eating less and cutting foods out; it’s about knowing what can best serve your body and making adjustments in order to find that balance to live a more abundant life.

As a certified Nutritional and Wellness Counselor, Brandy Hickman will give you the knowledge and tools for clean, nourished living.  Her specialty is creating a personalized plan for each of her clients so that they can achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Brandy Hickman, Nutrition Counselor

Brandy Hickman, Nutrition Counselor

Brandy Hickman transformed a life-altering experience into a business designed to improve wellness for all. Brandy balances successful business operations at 2B Well Yoga & Integrative Health Center while also serving as a wellness practitioner. She has a strong background in nutrition and health education coupled with years working in the medical field in the areas of women’s healthcare, mental health, and the central nervous system. As a nutrition counselor, Brandy helps her clients create a plan that will blend the best of traditional medicine and integrative health services. As an educator and an advocate, Brandy is constantly on the lookout for ways that 2B Well can better serve individuals and the community.


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