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The Gifts of Gratitude, Giving and Receiving


Can you list three things you are grateful for each day? By focusing on gratitude, we see our lives from a different perspective. Instead of seeing what is going wrong, we see the more meaningful picture of what is right in our lives.

During the next few weeks, try and write in your journal in the morning and the evening three things you are grateful for in your life. This mindset starts your day with gratitude in your heart and seals it in at the end, even if you've had a challenging day. These three things can be people or objects, or they can be moments that have given you growth. If you want to go more in-depth in your journaling, you can download this guide on maintaining a positive mindset through this exercise.

We see more and more fighting and darkness about what we don't agree with someone else. Let's try and focus on what is good and is going right. Giving Thanks with a grateful heart will always shine more light. I believe having gratitude is such a vital part of the journey towards healing our world's discourse.


What are the ways you give? How can you bring intention to your giving this holiday season? Write out your thoughts about meaningful gifts to you during the holiday season, and let that inspire your giving. Share ways you love to give. Maybe try to give without cost holiday season; it does not have to be an expensive gift, just thoughtful and meaningful like a handwritten note to someone special. My most meaningful gift given to me this year was a handwritten letter about how much I meant to the author. I can't begin to express fully how that expanded my heart.

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When we receive something with complete gratitude, and with our entire heart, we allow the other person to give it completely. We have to remember when people who love us try to provide to us authentically, it can be disheartening to the giver for us to say something like "you did not have to do that," "I don't deserve this," or "I don't want you to go out of your way to help me." It might appear harmless, and we may be trying to be polite.

We have to remember that to receive fully; we have to believe that we are enough. Let's practice how to be open to receive, whether it is a monetary gift, compliment, or support this holiday season. Beyond gift giving, each time someone compliments you, say thank you and feel how that compliment feels instead of pushing it down. When someone offers to support you in some way, accept it if it can help you and be appreciative that you have people around who can be there for you. You are enough.

Our Gratitude, Giving, and Receiving Keys to Happiness?

Yes, it is that simple. Writing down the things in your life for which you are grateful can put you into a different mindset and allow you to be happier and aware of all your blessings. It can change the direction of your day completely, especially on days that are too trying. When you focus on what is good and right in your life, the bad things recede and become smaller, and we experience an opportunity for growth.

Today I am grateful for God and you.


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