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Building A Community in the Kitchen

Connection, Coaching & You!:

I offer Group and Focused Coaching Classes for Kitchen Therapy members! These groups are geared toward creating optimal health and behavioral changes through small group connectivity. I have created this space to help members connect, stay accountable, and grow together.


Having a supportive community in the Kitchen where so much happens in life is the root of becoming healthier. I enjoy gathering in the Kitchen with others. Within the Kitchen is where so much change can occur. I feel like sometimes our Kitchen is a reflection of how our life is working for us. How we experience life is reflective in how we show up in the Kitchen. Trust me; there are days I don't want to show up - in life and the Kitchen. Instead of feeling guilty, be okay with those moments and learn from them. The best thing we can do for our health is to be the best observer of ourselves without judgment.

We are in a time of collective transition and searching for ways to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually from our unmet needs. Having worked with women in the kitchen, I understand that a big part of our unmet needs stems from loneliness, busyness, confidence, and authenticity in ourselves.

All in all, I help women discover if their plates are too full OR just filled with things that don't nurture, bring joy, and inspire them. I challenge women to have a different mindset. To think differently about doing less and having more in the Kitchen. We are not alone. Bringing women together in the Kitchen as a community is one way to help others become healthier. We are not supposed to do this alone.

As an Inspired Nutrition and Health Coach, I meet women in their kitchens and cook with them. This step can be the beginning of starting a community that is safe and supportive. Sometimes I travel to their Kitchen, and sometimes I meet them remotely in my Kitchen. At first, doing a Zoom call in my Kitchen and them in their Kitchen seemed impersonal. I was wrong. Once we started cooking and brainstorming and having fun, it seemed as if we were still together. I call this Kitchen Therapy.

A community building block can look like bringing a group of women together in my Kitchen to cook and learn from one another. I also travel to kitchens with a group of women who are friends, family, or colleagues and teach them how to show up healthier in the Kitchen, including being in a community. Showing them that they are not alone. I call this Kitchen Therapy.

I have also begun an online community called my Kitchen Therapy Membership. Again, I was skeptical of online and how we would personally connect. It is a work in progress, but I am figuring it out and finding my groove on building a community online to fit my vision for a safe and supportive environment for the community and person that I am building. So, I am growing a community that feels personal and chalked full of customer service. I begin with an initial virtual discovery session with everyone to find out wants and needs and follow up with seasonal sessions to see where someone is in their health journey. I just started doing monthly small group coaching sessions to connect as a group, which is such a great space to heal and grow. My favorite way to connect is by sending Kitchen Inspiration Boxes that are delivered to member's front door. Reluctantly, I am now doing live Kitchen Therapy Sessions from my Kitchen, which I am growing to love. Plus, I have videos that my clients can watch anytime for inspiration. These are great ways to connect personally, including all the outstanding modules and recipes that are part of the membership.

I love building Communities in the Kitchen. It truly is the Heart of the Home.

Brandy Lane Hickman, NBHWC

2B Well Integrative Health Collaborative, Owner

Inspired Nutrition, National Board Certified Health Coach, Kitchen Therapy

Board President, Missouri Nutrition Alliance Non-Profit

(417)861-6682 |


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