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Nutrition & Movement: Your Holiday Survival Guide



Mindful eating. Don't be hard on yourself this holiday season. Instead, be aware and be mindful. We want to have less guilt this season about what we are or are not doing. Our goal is to add one new healthy whole food each week that is vital to our body. Notice when we are consuming foods that cause inflammation, such as too much sugar. This type of eating isn't to say you can't enjoy your holiday traditions, such as a timeless family recipe or your kid's first batch of Christmas cookies. Allow for some indulgences, but don't eat beyond what feels right to you. Give yourself grace, but be aware when eating becomes mindless.

Below are some tips linked to handouts that can help you understand how inflammation and too much sugar in our diet can lead to us feeling sluggish and not our best. I've also included tips on foods you could add to your diet in the next week. Please feel free to share your progress and the simple changes you are making to feel better on the Facebook Group. Remember having knowledge and information is good but have grace as you go through the holiday season.


· Eat Whole Foods - not processed or processed as little as possible without additives or artificial substances

· Add more vegetables

· Add more berries

· Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as wild-caught salmon, berries, raw chocolate, green tea, sweet potato turmeric, kelp, ginger, and garlic

· Less sugar – A great place to start is drinking and paying attention to 'added sugars' on nutrition labels

· When making your favorite meals and treats, utilize this Healthy Alternatives handout to make simple, healthy replacements for common ingredients

· Practice these mindful eating habits to stay present while eating



Resolve to try and get 30 minutes of good, healthy exercise most days, and you will feel better through the holidays. Exercise is good for depression, weight maintenance, and your general health. Simply walking or hiking, going to exercise class, or practicing yoga. Just remembering to move your body in a way that feels good to you and rest when your body tells you it is time to restore. Moving our bodies is not about going extreme because we have eaten a lot of holiday foods. I happen to love hiking and walking this time of the year when the sun is out because it gets me enjoying some sunshine and fresh air. Finding something you enjoy doing is essential to making it a habit and wanting to do it every day. I love dancing and have always enjoyed doing Jazzercise, which I even taught many years ago. Every time I go, I smile through the entire class. It brings me so much joy. When I need to restore and relax, I do restorative yoga.

"We need to move our bodies to move, not as a reaction to

the food we eat."

Remember, this process is just about making small steps towards health during the holidays. Being aware is the most critical step, and you are doing that now, so progress has already been made. Remember to have grace with yourself, be mindful and continue to be aware, and find joy every day. With practice in this process, you will find health and happiness.


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